Welcome to Collegium Da Vinci

Dear Visitor, Dear Prospective Student,

It is our pleasure to welcome you at the Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań, Poland. Thank you for choosing our University as the place where your expectations transform into your future career goals. I hope that this year’s full-degree offer, business internships and an opportunity to take advantage of a hands-on experience during your years at CDV, will facilitate your professional success on the international job market.
We believe that the Da Vinci name gives us some greater responsibility not just to our students but also to society. Therefore, we pride ourselves in delivering educational solutions to people of various ages and various backgrounds: from elementary to postgraduate and Silver Age level, including international BA degree programs, taught completely in English.
The key message we put across to our future students and later graduates is: Become Masters of Practice and make a difference in your lives!
We encourage you to begin adventure with Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań, Poland shortly and to discover the potential of the Academic Poznan with over 150 thousand students living in the City. Take advantage of the close relationship Collegium Da Vinci has with regional and international business world, to choose the best practical major field of study for your future, professional career.
Have a great time at Collegium Da Vinci and always follow your dreams!

Dr Krzysztof Nowakowski

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