IT equipment and opportunities

CDV Students use the high-end IT equipment, hardware and software to gain top-notch practical skills. In their daily activities students have access to:

  • XBOX LAB: equipped with computer XBOX consoles, Kinect controlers and computers with the Unreal Engine 4.0. for game design
  • MOBILE LAB: used for programming mobile devices using Windows or Android systems
  • Integreated IT network: with 260 computers and 1Gbps of broad bandwidth internet.
  • NETWORK LAB: IT students may use it for IPv4 addressing, Ethernet switches WLAN configuration, LINUX configuration for working in IP networks, network services programming for BSD sockets interface, firewall setting and many more.
  • Computer labs: equipped with 207 Pentium IV stations, LCD monitors, laser printers, scanners, CD-RW recorders and full internet access. In addition there are two multimedia labs for computer graphics, audio and video editing. The are equipped with enhanced memory/graphical components on every computer, including Ati Radeon 9700 cards, 19’’ monitors, and color printers.
  • Extended software options: all computers use Windows and Linux Suse.  Students may also work with the following programming environments: Turbo Pascal, Borland Delphi 7, Borland C++ Builder, Borland C# and Oracle 9 database. There are also Open Source stations and full Adobe and Macromedia Flash MX-equipped stations for multimedia graphics.

The use of computers also apart from classes if free of charge, 6 days a week. Students enjoy full online access to a virtual Dean’s Office, library catalogue, student email account and a teacher-student exchange platform. Students may also create and store their own internet sites on the WEB server under the Apache program control and ensuring PHP script language service. Since 2013 all students hava a free access to all offered Google tools.

The wireless 802.11g network boasts the capacity of 54Mb/s and access points are conveniently located throughout the university building. Students may use internet freely, get access to all on-line university services and even check which room his or her class starts in. An electronic ID card allows students access to the library and printing services.

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