International Students' Projects

May 2017

It was the second time when we had a pleasure to host our good Indian friends from Goodwill Society. It appeared to be a fascinating meeting with Indian pupils and students, where we were able to present CDV programmes  interactively. This event united peolpe of different nationalities, traditions, beliefs but people with the same burning desire to learn new things, to broaden their minds and a  keyword of the meeting was curiosity.

The students of Collegium Da Vinci  took initiative and prepared a spelendid program including different workshops, games etc. Our guests were excited after Communication workshop conducted by the students of Consulting and Coaching.

Everyone had fun having an intellectual and dynamic game „ Treasure hunting” , which was not only amusing but it helped us to demonstrate some Polish traditions, customs etc.  We tried to do our best to show our visitors Poland from different perspectives such as geography, cuisine, language, art and so on. No one won`t forget the taste of pyrogi and will remember «Cześć» for sure.

Later on participants could acknowledge their talents on the graphic workshop. And thank you, guys, since now we have handmade posters with the motto of Collegium Da Vinci „THE PLACE FOR THE CURIOUS „ written in different languages.

We are sure that such intercultural projects are really important since both sides get invaluable experience, new knowledge, joyful feelings and positive emotions.

P.S Thank you everyone for your engagement, open hearts and smiles.


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