Incoming students

All students nominated to study at Collegium Da Vinci as Erasmus Exchange students must fill out our application form. The application form must be signed by the home university and either emailed or posted to us together with a copy of your ID/Passport, Learning Agreement signed by both course leader and Erasmus Coordinator. No other documents are required. The acceptance letters will be posted out to student’s home address in the first week of June/November.


ERASMUS Charter Number (EUC): 265079-LA-1-2014-1-PL-E4AKA1-ECHE


  • Winter Term 30th June
  • Summer Term 30th October (Late nominations may be accepted on an individual basis)

Orientation: A programme for orientation will be emailed out to all students by the coordinator.

Available Courses:
All Erasmus students are free to choose any modules from our list of available courses found on our website. These must be approved by their home university. Please note some courses have limited spaces available. Students must check there are enough courses on our available courses list their home university will approve of. Students often have to make changes to their original course choice due to timetable clashes, limited spaces, course no longer being available etc.

A list of possible courses to choose from can be found here:

All incoming Erasmus students CDV offers a 2-week long Polish course, organized late August/early September (minimum 5 people must sign up). The course is aimed at teaching Erasmus students basic phrases in Polish, useful in everyday situations.


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