Human Touch Group

Collegium Da Vinci belongs to the Human Touch corporate group which has been welded together not only by the CEO Piotr Voelkel’s name and funding, but also by a shared set of values and a common ideal. Human Touch Group combines the cluster of VOX brand name companies representing interior design and construction sectors, Concordia Design-a center for innovation, design and creativity, three Higher Educational Institutions (CDV, University of Humanities and Social Sciences in Warsaw, School of Form in Poznan), the Da Vinci schools (primary school, middle school and high school in Poznań), Vox-Artis Modern Art Foundation and a Scholarship Fund “Talenty”. They all create a group bound by certain corporate culture, based on a unique social DNA code for education and business which keeps inspiring our students.

We teach our students the essence of environmentally friendly and socially conscious business, support their entrepreneurial spirit, show them how to use acquired skills in practice and how to make socially responsible business choices. Our teams are composed of highly motivated individuals networking to achieve common goals.

The years our students spend in college can be the most creative and active time in their lives. In order to facilitate that, we allow our students space for experimenting, searching and testing various fields of activity. The skills we thus help them enhance serve them in learning how to learn effectively to accommodate new and often unexpected needs. Values shared by Human Touch inspire to pursue one’s passions, motivate successful teambuilding, networking and multitasking in our students future careers.

Our university is a perfect place for all those who wish to advance in life and want to pursue their dreams.

7000 students
have trusted us
since 1996

We have
a network of

350 Lecturers
47 Professors
25 Assistant Professors
143 PhDs
135 Specialists

1500 incoming
each year