Creative Management

What is Creative management?

Creative management is an innovative field of study, taking into account the pace of change in the modern world and combining knowledge in the field of management, personal development and new technologies. In the 2015/2016 academic year, the study program and the teaching process were recognised in the National Competition and Accreditation Program "Studies with the Future" for the highest quality standards applicable in higher education. Students carry out projects for companies cooperating with the university – such as YouNick or Service Design Polska.
Creative management is for those who want to set up an innovative company, or work in managerial positions in enterprises and organizations. These studies are for people who want to learn how to manage a company and a team using creative methods, design services and business solutions. The studies are suitable for those who want to continue their education after obtaining a BA degree in Creative Management, as well as for people who have completed BA studies in other fields and want to develop their management competences.

How is learning organized and who will teach you?

  • We stick to the principle of "learning by doing" - 70% of classes have a practical dimension. You will not be wasting your time on boring lectures, because there are none here! You gain knowledge by implementing group projects, taking part in workshops and performing tasks in cooperation with partner companies.
  • We focus on an individual approach to the student. Classes are conducted in small task groups.
  • During your studies, you have the opportunity to obtain business certificates that will confirm your skills and enrich your CV, e.g. as part of the course, students take a European Business Competence License (EBC * L) course preparing them to obtain a European certificate confirming economic knowledge and business competences.
  • As a student at CDV, you will receive a free package of the latest Microsoft Office software.
  • We want students to be able to develop as a whole and in accordance with their vision, which is why apart from specialization, you can choose additional subjects related to other fields available at Collegium Da Vinci, including IT, Graphics, Mediaworking.

What job does it prepare you for?

  • Research and development manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Key account manager
  • Promotion and Visual Communications Manager
  • Project manager and design leader
  • Team manager of customer’s service
  • UX designer
  • Research Specialist

You shall learn how to

  • identify, diagnose and creatively solve problems in the management of human, material, financial and IT resources
  • think and work creatively in relation to the need to adapt to changeable environments
  • make use of psychological instruments in human resource management process and staff management
  • organise work and effective personal time management
  • gain at least some familiarity with one foreign language
  • manage project processes and manage teams
  • design and introduce changes in organisation
  • manage business processes and information flow in organisations
  • prognose and simulate company management
  • service and maintain ERP systems


CourseCourse type YearsTuition fees per one academic yearTuition fees per one semesterTuition fees per one mounth
CREATIVE MANAGEMENT Master degree 2 2400 Euro 1200 Euro 200 Euro



Nina Sobczak-Matysiak, MA
Psychologist, certified supervisor and a 2nd level trainer of the Polish Psychological Association in the field of group training and psychosocial skills. 
"I work mainly using workshops. I use methods of active learning by creating experiences and situations that cause reflection in students. I want to engage learners in searching for their questions and answers, and confronting them with the knowledge of others. Modern teaching is not just acquiring knowledge, but also the development of skills, shaping personality, ethical attitudes. I want to tell the students the importance of self-awareness, understanding themselves in working with people, interpersonal skills, and the fact that while working with others we are a "tool" and we must care for its efficiency ".

Adam Baszyński, DSc
Doctor of Sciences in the field of economic sciences in economics. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Poznan, specializing in banking. In his teaching work, he focuses on issues of micro- and macroeconomics, and economic analysis, with particular emphasis on the functioning of markets and the competition process.
"In teaching, the most important thing is not to be boring. Boring school, boring teachers will kill curiosity in every person. So working with students must often be interrupted by a joke, more or less related to the topic. I would like to tell my students that the most important thing in what they do is internal motivation, i.e. the belief that mathematics is easy. I am interested in anarchist thought, and because I am an economist, I am particularly interested in anarcho-capitalism."


What is your passion?
I can honestly say that horses are my whole life. This is my hobby, my lifestyle and my work. I was a competitive rider and now I am a judge and a trainer. My second passion is mechanical horses. I have a weakness for good, powerful cars. I have taken part in various drifting events, track day and car fan’s rallies. In addition, I combine these passions by taking photos, because for several years I have been capturing moments from behind the camera lens.
Why did you choose Creative Management?
This is a course that combines psychology, economics, law, and even acting. It gives me the opportunity to develop not only theoretical knowledge, but above all practical knowledge and soft skills, such as group work, project management or effective communication.
How do the studies help you realize your passions and life goals?
Thanks to the university, I am building my knowledge concerning running a business, managing people and broadly understood innovation, and this is a stable foundation on which I plan to build my future. I use the skills acquired during my studies while working with people during horse-riding lessons, which I run, and when promoting my services.
What would you like to do in the future?
I want to open my own equestrian facility at the highest level, and before this happens, gain more experience in managing a large corporation. This form of work provides great opportunities, not only financial, but above all, for constant development, and this is what I care about most.
What turns you on?
Knowledge! I'm crazy about constantly broadening my skills. In everything I do, I want to be the best. Perhaps being a perfectionist is a curse, but I love my perfectionism and I will be happy to fight to come out on top.
What do you like most about our university?
This is a place for people with passion who want to learn something new. The lecturers are people with positive energy, practitioners who show us what business looks like in the real world, based on their own experience. I have never met such friendly professors who talk to us as equals. There is no criticism, humiliation or showing that someone is better or worse.

Design Management

If you want to:

  • get to know the business side of design
  • become familiar with the specificity of work in the creative sector
  • realize your creative potential in a free profession or in an enterprise
  • learn to manage a creative team
  • design brands
  • build the image of an organization

UX Design

If you want to:

  • design the user’s experience
  • get to know the architecture of information
  • specialize in designing user interactions and interfaces
  • become an expert on usability
  • gain the designer's competence for any interaction of the user with the company, its services and products



  • Research and development manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Key account manager
  • Promotion and Visual Communications Manager
  • Project manager and design leader
  • Team manager of customer’s service
  • UX designer
  • Research Specialist

Remember! Your English Language skills will be tested:

  • Skype interview  in the middle of July
  • Interantional English Level Certificate

Generally your English needs to comply with at least the B1 level. 

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