Course Catalogue

Collegium da Vinci is a new generation university. It is a true ‘career locomotive’ that aims to shorten the road of every student from ‘studies’ to ‘a professional career’. We hold to the principle of the 3 ‘P’s: Practice, Practice and more Practice. As you well know, over 70% of classes at CDV is in fact of a practical nature and we do our utmost to ensure that classes are run by true experts in their field. All of this of course is complemented by a relevant dose of theory, which is part and parcel of hands-on learning. Every year we aim to offer something new, unique and value added. Innovative majors are being established as are workshops, apprenticeships and practice, which all provide students ‘that extra something’ they happen to be looking for – abilities and skills that have direct application in professional life.

HERE you can check our Course Catalogue.