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Film Production new postgraduate field of study

Starting April 15th, CDV is recruiting for a 9 month-long postgraduate course in Film Production (in Polish only).  

Our goal is to prepare future film producers to manage all kinds of movie, TV and commercial productions.  Schedule of classes includes:

  • TV and film crew organization basics
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Screenwriting
  • Film distribution
  • Legal aspects of filmmaking
  • Sound in film
  • Postproduction

Classes are conducted by highly acclaimed Polish and international practicioners including screenwriters, directors of photography, sound managers and producers working on sets and currently involved in film projects.  Most classes take place outdoors and in a film studio with professional film equipment and lighting sets.  The course includes workshops on budgeting, scheduling, add campaigns and screenwriting.  

„We have witnessed an enormous growth in all kinds of commercial productions, both artistic and strictly product-oriented.  The City of Poznań has a vast artistic community developing its own projects and an even bigger business community in need of talented professionals who understand film production.  Both communities have inspired filmmaking in the city and the region and created many challenges for good film craftsmen and future filmmakers.  Therefore, we would like to have our course as a solid foundation for all who want to take up the challenge”

Michał Gramacki, Manager Poznan Film Commission, course leader  


For more information in Polish, contact: or take a look at:




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