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Collegium Da Vinci student leads the PR of the winning team.

In the national finale of the Microsoft Imagine Cup Poland, first place was awarded to the team of college and high school students from Poznań and Warsaw, led by Aleksandra Olszewska, CDV Freshman student of Internet Marketing.

The winning project was entitled „Smart mirrors” and was designed for motorbike riders by a joint effort of students from Collegium Da Vinci, Poznań University of Technology, H.Cegielski High School Consortium for Communication in Poznań and Higher School of Management in Warsaw. 

„Smart mirrors” project was voted the most innovative and captured hearts of the Jury members  thanks to the idea of a special smartphone application which automatically aligns the bike mirrors with a current body position of a rider.  The project showed that a rider does not have to reposition the mirrors manually anymore as the speed increases during the ride, but simply needs a phone switched on and the app automatically reacts to his/her body leaning forward, backward and sideways.  This makes riding at higher speeds much safer for the rider.

The team with CDV’s Aleksandra Olszewska in charge of PR not only won the main Microsoft Imagine Cup Poland prize for Innovation, but also received the main prize from the Comarch computer company, a special prize from Billenium IT company and a Microsoft Tadeusz Golonka Prize (10,000 PLN) for the greatest business potential

We We were all very emotional because everybody was so impressed by our project.  We were also honored by what Mr. Bartosz Pampuch, Comarch R&D Director told us, that he had been waiting 13 years for a presentation and a project like ours–says Aleksandra Olszewska – a Freshman student of Internet Marketing at Collegium Da Vinci.

The „Smart Mirrors” Team was composed of many different personalities, skills, talents and passions.  They created an ideal mix to tackle the Imagine Cup challenge.   We thank and congratulate all of the following team members:  Aleksandra Olszewska, responsible for project’s PR, a CDV student; Bartosz Ambrożkiewicz, an inventor of the intelligent bike mirrors, a high school student;  Michał Cwojdziński,  custom-made bikes designer, studying in Warsaw;  Mateusz Kudła, C# programmer-a maker of the native Windows Phone app and Mikołaj Owczarczak, an electronics student at the Poznań University of Technology.  The Team still has global semi-finals to face, but something tells us they are in for a good chance to win the Imagine Cup Final in Seattle later this year.

Good Luck!

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