Admission steps for candidates from abroad

How to apply to Collegium Da Vinci:

Step 1. Select your degree program

Choose from one of our Bachelor Degree programs in English or Polish

Step 2. Check the requirements for the selected Bachelor Degree program
A complete list of all documents to be supplied is available here: list of documents
Step 3. Submit your application

Your application needs to be filled out online here:




Step 4. Wait to receive a PreAcceptence Letter

If you meet all of CDV application requirements, you have submitted your online application AND you have paid a Registration Fee payment of 130 EUR (non-refundable) to the CDV account, specified belowyou will receive a scanned PreAcceptance Letter from CDV which will allow you to make a Tuition Fee payment. At the same time you should send us a complete package of application documents for admission. A complete list of all documents to be supplied is available here:

CDV account details for registration fee payment:
Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A./O.Poznań
ul. Piękna 20,
00-549 Warszawa  

Account numer: PL71175010190000000033671148


Step 5. Get an Acceptance Letter
If you have submitted all documents, got the PreAcceptance letter and made a Tuition fee payment, you will receive an Acceptance letter for visa.

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