The Polish State Accreditation Committee (Polska Komisja Akredytacja, PKA) was established by the the act of 20th July 2001, amending the existing Higher Education Act as legal body working for the quality of education, defined its tasks and its working procedure. All higher schools in Poland acting on the basis of the Law on Higher Education are supervised by the Committee’s activities. The State Accreditation Committee carries out its mission by conducting obligatory assessments of the quality of education and giving opinions on applications for the authorization to provide degree programs submitted by higher education institutions.
The State Accreditation Committee is an independent institution working within the higher education system in Poland for the improvement in the quality of education. The primary objective of the Committee is to support Polish public and non-public higher education institutions in the development of educational standards matching the best models adopted in the European and global academic space. These activities aim to ensure that graduates of Polish higher education institutions rank high on the national and international labour market, and to enhance the competitiveness of Polish higher education institutions as European institutions. More information:
CDV is also in process of acquiring some international accreditations. More to come.

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